Jean Croker Petke

Monthly Archives: March 2014

Practicing your passion

Last week I wrote about becoming a writer — showing up and putting words on your paper. Today I want to talk with you about learning your craft, whatever it might be. Besides writing, my passion is playing the piano. Your passion might be woodworking or pastry making or boat building or needlework or painting  […]

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So you want to be a writer…

I often hear people say they want to be a writer. Some have shown up in my writers’ group, some I meet in casual conversations, some mention it on Facebook. Perhaps you, too, want to be a writer. Perhaps you imagine your name on the cover of a best seller. I, too, would like to […]

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Mission Statement

Over months and years and decades and through a gazillion words in my journals I have discovered three principles that guide my work and my life.  For me these principles apply to writing, piano practicing, relationships, choosing time away, learning new skills (calligraphy, smocking, cake decorating, catering) and probing the family archives. At the beginning […]

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Pay attention to your life

I discovered journaling more than three decades ago.  Someone said keeping a journal is one way to pay attention to your life.  At first I wrote every day, but found the discipline too difficult to maintain.  However, I felt most alive when I was writing in my journal, letting the words spill out in their […]

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