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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Learning for the First Time

Every other Wednesday I trek to campus for my piano lesson.  Although Dr. B. wants right notes, right rhythm, right dynamics, and right technique — all at the same time — he is patient and kind as I work through my pieces.   He offers suggestions and techniques to make difficult passages easier.  In response […]

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Letting Go

“Let go of fear.  Let go of clinging.  Let go of cowering in the corner.” These words caught my attention while I was ridding my home of stuff – stuff that has migrated from home to home for years.  One box has survived nearly a half century. I’ve been holding onto my accumulations, lest I […]

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Creativity or Productivity

Sometimes we confuse creativity and productivity.  However these processes are quite different. After more than twenty years in the commercial food business, I understand productivity:  cranking out as many identical pies or cakes or cookies or muffins with the least amount of labor in the shortest amount of time. My home baking is often governed […]

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Live with Urgency

At the end of last week’s post I recounted my experience with Maya Angelou several years ago.  The day after I posted, Maya Angelou died. Died. All of her words have been said. I had long imagined I would send her my poem — the one I wrote when her words were fresh, pulsing with […]

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