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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Words and Music

Like most writers, I often struggle to find the right words — words that will say exactly what I mean, exactly what I feel, exactly what I see.  I want words that aren’t ordinary.  But lacking extraordinary words, I work to arrange my regular words in a way that will cause you, my reader, to […]

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The last thing you learned

What do you do when the words won’t come? When your brain is void of ideas? When your creative muse has left town? When you’d like to leave town rather than face the empty page? As a remedy, one blogger suggests writing about the last thing you learned. A brilliant idea, I think. I wish […]

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Who ya gonna ask?

Years ago, I needed to buy a house. During our marriage my husband and I had bought several houses. But now, I needed to do it by myself. I quickly realized I barely knew anything about buying houses. I was terrified of making a mistake. In my mind I couldn’t count on realtors and bankers to […]

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Are you finished yet?

I’m often asked, “Is your book finished yet?” If you’re a writer, you know how long it takes to get the words right.  But when is enough enough?  When have you done the last edit?  When is it ready to submit for publication? Besides Charlie, my writing partner, I also work with Marcia Trahan, who […]

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The Practice of Ten

A few weeks ago I heard my piano professor play in recital.  I listened.  I watched.  And I marveled (for at least the 100th time in my life) at how a performer plays without mistakes.  “How does he do that?” was my first question. My second question was “Why can’t I do that?” I’ll never […]

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