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Monthly Archives: October 2014


“To choose life, means to give birth every day.” (Matthew Fox) To give birth, to bring forth, to give breath and life… Creative birthing, like birthing a child, is not easy or quick or pain-free. Writing projects often require months, even years of gestation. We carry the idea in our minds, jot phrases in our […]

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The Fabrication of Memory

In my years of memoir writing, the biggest challenge is the remembering.  Of course some things are very clear in my memory — at least my version of the events.  But there are often huge gaps between happenings. A few conversations are lodged in my memory banks, others are missing. I have a big picture […]

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A list of overwhelming

“I’ve had it!” “Enough already!” “Life has gotten way too crazy!” I’ve been saying these words lately — not to others but to myself.  Perhaps you know these words. Words uttered when we are overwhelmed, when we fall victim to a family full of activities, never-ending demands for our time, unrelenting expectations at work, and […]

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Rip it up a bit

Colum McCann had my attention when he said,  “Rip it up a bit…scuff up your work, make mistakes, don’t be nice…open the curtains, get under the skin, rip the skin up a little bit.”  Then he said, “There is a distinct lack of bravery in relation to what writing can do.” He was talking about […]

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