Jean Croker Petke

Monthly Archives: November 2014


On a pale yellow morning, I watched the people sell their wares, wash their clothes, and perform religions rituals on the banks of the Ganges River.  I only knew this river from books, so I was surprised by its lack of magnificence and holiness; the wide tan water barely moved. After sketchy negotiations with a […]

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Who ya gonna blame?

We’re nearing the semester’s end in freshman music theory.  Dr. S is frustrated because half our class is failing.  In his other theory section half the class has an A average. Last week Dr. S addressed us with the following: Many famous musicians and composers never went to college to learn music.  But you have […]

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The Fence

Last Tuesday I awoke to sawing and hammering out back. I dressed quickly, forgot my morning coffee, and began investigating.  As it turned out the fence that separates my yard from my backdoor neighbor was coming down. No one asked me.  No one even told me. My world was changing without warning or permission. I […]

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Getting Started

What’s so hard about starting? About showing up? About putting pen to paper? Writing non-fiction, specifically memoir, comes easily for me after many years of practice. Even though I’ve dabbled in fiction writing,  it is not my place of comfort. For me, writing fiction feels like I have to create something out of nothing.  While […]

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