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Monthly Archives: December 2014

An Inheritance

I sold Mother’s grand piano last week. She bought the piano in 1947 with an inheritance from her father.  What an extravagance for a young family with three small children and a too-small house!  It’s too late to recount the whys and hows of her purchase. She passed in 2012 — 11 days short of […]

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What They Said

A true account of a past Christmas… * * * Divorce has a way of fracturing the holidays. Today is Christmas and my grown children are spending the day at their dad’s. They will be at my house tonight and tomorrow. I am alone until tonight. I putter in my kitchen all day, thinking about […]

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A Repertoire

I’ve always believed a repertoire is something belonging to accomplished musicians.  Mere mortals like myself would never have one. In fact, it sounds presumptuous. At least that’s what I thought until a few months ago. At my piano lesson, I played Chopin’s Nocturne (opus 9, number 2) for Dr. B.  I had worked on the […]

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The consistency of small things

We’ve learned to want it all — instantly! Back in the day, we saved for a new couch, we put money away all year for Christmas, we saved for vacation. Now we charge first and pay later.  We’ve forgotten how to wait, how to anticipate, how to plan for what we want. If we want […]

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“We live in a time of great noise.” I quickly jotted the sentence on my church bulletin, lest I forget it before pondering. The holidays are noisy — and have been for months.  Incessant bombardments clamor and disrupt this season touted as a time of peace and joy — peace and joy often overshadowed by […]

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