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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Sidelined by the flu

Due to a bout with the flu there is no new post this week. Stay tuned for a new post next Tuesday…

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What if you have no words…

How can I call myself a writer if I have no words? It’s not that I have absolutely no words.  I just don’t have words I want.  Words that tell a story.  Words that sound good.  Words that mean something to someone. It’s nearly Tuesday and the words won’t come. No topic on my subject […]

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Control Addict

I changed hairdressers a few months ago — not an easy thing for me.  Once I find someone I like I stick with them — forever.  So changing creates some anxiety. I want consistency. I want an excellent haircut every time.  In fact, I don’t want anyone to notice I got my hair cut. The […]

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Broken Hair

Stuff happens.  Accidents.  Mistakes. Things you didn’t expect. Until last Friday a nameless guy sat on my bookshelf.  A funky guy with big ears, a crooked mouth, a bulbous nose, drippy blue eyes, and stringy yellow hair.  He was just a head — not a whole guy. He claimed obscure corners and shelves as home […]

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