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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Falling Off My Horse

I have an hour-long piano lesson every two weeks.  I practice nearly every day, working on my scales and Hanon exercises as well as my pieces.  At every lesson I learn new practice techniques for challenging passages.  I’m working hard and loving it more than ever. In spite of all this, my last lesson didn’t […]

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An Epic Beginning

A few weeks ago I decided to cull books from my collection.  Books I don’t intend to read again.  Books I have yet to read that no longer hold my interest. Books I started and never finished. Removing clutter from my life, rather than creating space for more books, was my motivation. The Far Pavilions by […]

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Control Addict: Part 2

Life messages come at me from strange places sometimes. A few weeks ago it was the hair spray labeled “Control Addict 28.”  I could have taken the 28 as my age and let it go at that, but instead I focused on the control addiction message. Packaged with the hair spray was a small can […]

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Coming Back

Illness is a strange thing:  unexpected, disruptive, uncomfortable, disorienting. But illness happens. Without our permission. And refuses to leave until it’s ready. In the meantime, we see the doc, take our meds, drink fluids, and rest. And cancel our life. Illness causes disconnection — disconnection between our physical body and everything else in our life. […]

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