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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Genetic Seriosity

Yes, I’ve made up another word:  seriosity. Years ago, Charlie, my writing partner, gave me permission to make up words.  So I take such literary liberties frequently. I’ve often been told I have a serious look — a look  sometimes misinterpreted as being mad or angry or disturbed about something. Actually, I don’t generally think […]

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We dread failure.  In fact, we usually go to great lengths to avoid it.  We over-prepare.  We obsess over the details.  We avoid activities and ventures altogether. We keep our passions private. Today I am suggesting a different way to view failure.  Failure is normal.  Everyone, whether they admit it or not, has failures.  Even […]

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The other day a friend asked, “Why do you still take piano lessons? What else is there to learn after all these years? “There’s always more to learn,” I replied, “like phrasing, voicing, technical details.  I learn new stuff at every lesson.” I believe there’s always more to learn — in any field — more […]

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New Vision

This week marks the one-year anniversary of this blog.  I’ve written and you’ve read and commented.  Thank you for the connection we’ve shared. What I hadn’t counted on at this milestone was new vision. For the first time in my life I can now see without glasses and contact lenses.  After cataract removal and lens […]

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Choosing Words

As you know by now, I’m a ponderer.  I think about things that catch my attention and pique my curiosity. Sometimes these ponderings disturb my sleep.  Sometimes they end up in my blog.  Sometimes they’re merely a subject for discussion with a fellow ponderer. My best friend occasionally prefaces her comments by saying, “Jean, you […]

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