Jean Croker Petke

Monthly Archives: April 2015

Looking outside, digging inside

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing — whether it be remodeling the house, creating a new spreadsheet, spring cleaning the garden, finishing an epic novel, or savoring the afterglow of a family gathering. When it’s over we hit a time when we say, “What’s next?” Many of us keep a list of things we […]

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The Cliff Jumping Report

I jumped.  I landed.  I lived to tell about it. Thirteen friends filled my living room, music room and patio with lively conversation, while they enjoyed home-baked cookies, iced tea, lemonade and fresh strawberries. When I sat at the piano readying to play, a voice in my head said, “I’ve got this.” I checked my […]

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Stepping Off the Cliff

Have you ever stepped off a cliff — or stepped out of your box — or stepped beyond your comfort zone? If you were to do such a thing. . . would you think about it first? would you check with others who have survived a similar cliff-jumping? would you consider the consequences before deciding? […]

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A Gradual Awakening

I come to mornings slowly. I hit the snooze button without opening my eyes.  I’m not ready to begin my day.  Dozing between snooze alarm interruptions is a luxury I’m not willing to give up.  I’m stealing time as the morning light creeps through the curtains. Some people are a jump-out-of-bed-running individual.  Not me. My […]

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