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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Information Gathering: too little or too much

Decision making can be challenging and overwhelming, depending on the enormity of the decision and the amount of information we have. The big decisions:  buying a house, taking a job, health issues, choosing a spouse, having a child, choosing a school, facing retirement . . . The not so big ones: redecorating, vacation, home repairs, […]

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How’s Your Attitude?

My former boss often said, “Attitude is everything.” He’d say it to individuals and to project teams. On one memorable occasion, we were discussing new corporate plans and edicts in a department meeting.  He didn’t agree with the decisions and was open with us about his feelings.  He allowed us ten or fifteen minutes to […]

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What did you expect?

What did you expect . . . when you first played a musical instrument? when you tried playing tennis? when you first made bread? after your surgery? when you had people over for dinner? with the new girlfriend or boyfriend? when you were first married or first single? when you first left home?  Or when […]

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It looks too hard . . .

I finished two piano pieces I’ve been working on for some time.  Not that they’re perfect, but Dr. B has declared them ready to be added to my repertoire.  He offered a  sticker on the music for my achievement; I settled for a penciled check mark. Finished music gets replaced with new music to learn.  […]

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Chipping Away

Life for most of us gets filled up — with work, friends, household tasks, family, hobbies, volunteer activities, sports, TV, music, fun stuff, obligations, etc., etc., etc.  You have a customized list of what fills your time. And our living space gets crowded for many reasons:  we buy too much, we keep too much, we […]

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