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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Life Tweakings

I always have a personal improvement project going on in an effort to make my life work better.  I’m on a mission to eliminate hassles. I want a simple life that works for me and allows for serendipitous occasions. THE FACTS:  I am retired, single, and live alone, which inherently makes my life less complicated […]

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What work are you doing?

The last lines of Mary Oliver’s poem I Go Down to the Seashore are: And the sea says in its lovely voice:  Excuse me, I have work to do. How often do we say excuse me, I have work to do excuse me, I can’t do what you’re asking, I have work to do excuse […]

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I  recently finished The Lowlands by Jhumpa Lahiri.  My favorite phrases from her book are gathered on my page titled Phrases I Love (click the tab at the top of this page). This one caught my attention: And so the imperfection became a mark of distinction The author was writing about a child’s footprints in […]

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The Habit of Savoring

This morning for breakfast I had the most delicious croissant — the kind that flakes all over the plate and table. And there was real butter and fresh raspberry jam.  And a steaming cup of  hazelnut coffee in my yellow polka-dotted cup. I confess that I read a book, The Lowlands by  Jhumpa Lahiri, while […]

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