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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Who’s Your Butt-kicker?

I was taken aback late last night when I read of the accidental death of Scott Dinsmore — a blogger I’ve read for several years.  I never met him or heard him speak — I only knew him through his online Live Your Legend site. He died pursuing one of his passions. He is what […]

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Election Results

In my hometown of the 1950s and 1960s, most of my teenage friends belonged to Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, or DeMolay —  all Masonic-related organizations focused on leadership, spirituality, and service. For those of us who belonged, our lives were anchored by our obligations and commitments of membership. And it was often the source of […]

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Get Rid of the Noise

“When you get rid of the unnecessary movements, you go faster.”  The swimming teacher is coaching her student, who is perhaps six or seven years old.  Based on my observation, the goal is to swim the length of the pool a bit faster each time.  Perhaps the student is a swim team member or hoping […]

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Lempriere’s Dictionary

I made two personal commitments recently.  First, read more books.  My change in daily routine is making this happen.  Second, read the unread books I already own, rather than buying new. In light of that, I pulled Lempriere’s Dictionary off the shelf two weeks ago.  I have no recollection of why I own this book, […]

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Tree Corrections

A few Sundays ago a lady greeted me after church with, “You have a lovely smile but you should smile more often.” Then she put her index fingers at the corners of her mouth and pushed her lips into a smile.  Her expression said, “This is how you smile.” Like I didn’t know. I’ve written […]

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