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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Who’s at fault?

Nearly every Sunday I jot down a few words from the sermon — words I need to think about in the moments of silence, words I need to hold onto and carry around. This week’s gem was, “Humanity is responsible for its own history.”  The words belong to Rene Girard, a French historian and philosopher […]

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Saving Cranberries

Every year I load my freezer with fresh cranberries during the holiday season.  I want to make sure I have enough to last until next year. Guess what? Last year’s cranberries are still in my freezer and it’s Thanksgiving time already. Again. I was saving them for special occasions — for company.  They were destined […]

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The Restart

I do four things regularly: read, swim, write, practice piano. Of course I do lots of other things every day, but my four things are my daily place holders. Other activities and chores fill the leftover spaces. When I travel or vacation my routine goes on hiatus as well.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing […]

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The Second Time is Better

Every month I play my piano pieces for my mentor.  She’s a good critic, minces no words, and always offers constructive advice. I played Mendelssohn’s Agitation for her a few weeks ago.  My performance was satisfactory though it wasn’t my best. She didn’t say much when I finished but I knew she wasn’t pleased.  “Now, […]

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