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Monthly Archives: February 2016

How do you work: team or solo

I recently read The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, which tells the story of the University of Washington’s eight-oar crew team who won the 1936 Berlin Olympics against great odds. I connected with this book because (1) I grew up in the State of Washington and the places were familiar, and (2) […]

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Corn Dogs and Whales

Last week generated two disappointments for me. First, I had a Saturday craving for corn dogs. Not knowing exactly where to find corn dogs in this city, I searched online and found an establishment that had been voted “best corn dogs” for several years. I checked the menu — not only did they have corn […]

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Unexpected Wisdom

I’ve enjoyed Chinese restaurants since I was a child.  My early memories are of sweet and sour pork, egg foo young, fried rice, and egg rolls. At the end of the meal each of us would crack our fortune cookie open, pull out the message, and read it to the family. I still look forward […]

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Winning and Losing

I love to play games, especially card games and board games.  Five Crowns, Scrabble, Canasta, and Sequence are my current favorites. I’m very competitive and always play to win.  And I’ve learned over the years to be a gracious loser. But the fact remains, I like to win. A few weeks ago I played cards […]

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