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Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Swamp Story

Characters: THE REPORTER, who works for a small newspaper someplace in Kentucky THE ARTIST, from down the hall, who does graphic design for some marketing wizards ME, a mere mortal who keeps trying to juggle too many projects The story evolves over the course of three days, from an email initiated by Me. AIRPLANE TICKETS TO IOWA […]

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To be intentional — about anything — means to act with purpose, to decide and then act accordingly. “Good” intentions are different; they’re noble thoughts that never get acted upon. They often dominate our conversations and are accompanied by complaints of not enough time or too busy. You know the conversations; you know the excuses. […]

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Standards of Play

During the academic year I frequently attend recitals and concerts at the university. Many are given by students in fulfillment of their graduation requirements. Faculty and guest artists also perform throughout the year. This week I heard two pianists – both with impressive credentials. Nikita Fitenko, a native of Russia, played an entire program of Russian […]

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Literary Sanctuaries

We’re in a universe of technology — and I often struggle with it.  “But this is so much easier,” friends say. “It’s way more convenient. It’ll save you so much time. You don’t have to lug a stack of books with you.” You’ve either heard these words or said them yourself. Yes, I know all of […]

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