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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Live Performance

Recently I’ve attended several musical performances: a 19-year-old pianist in the local Young Pianist Concert Series, an up-and-coming organist, a visiting Russian pianist, a faculty recital at a nearby university, and the combined men’s choruses of two local universities. Each performer or conductor discussed their music with the audience before they played or sang. The concerts were […]

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A Failure to Communicate

We landed in Ft. Lauderdale, a day prior to our cruise. The plane was on time and retrieving our luggage was quick. With reservation in hand I called the hotel for their shuttle. “The driver is Eric,” the clerk said.  “He will be driving a white van with our phone number and logo on the side.” She verified the […]

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Indy Bookstores

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of using our public libraries — a practice I’m working to reinstate in my life. It’s easy to assume we don’t need our libraries these days — we can find everything we need to know on the internet — or so it seems. But, deep inside, […]

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Swamp Survival

Making it across the swamp, all the way to solid ground, has been a scenario oft repeated in my life. I shared my original swamp story on this blog last week. That story has spawned much pondering and many conversations over the years — with family and friends and strangers. Though details may vary, the realities […]

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