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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Half Speed

Sometimes I think I’m jinxed. The last few times I’ve played Beethoven’s sonata (opus 109) at my lesson, the music has fallen apart. I make clumsy mistakes. I have memory lapses. Why can I play it well at home and so disastrously at my lesson? Dr. B is much kinder and more patient with me […]

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The Death of Dickens

I killed Dickens. Last week. On a warm spring afternoon. I hit delete and he was gone from my life. You see, I read him once in high school. A Tale of Two Cities. I didn’t like it much then but it was required reading. In recent years, as I’ve added classics to my regular reading, I’ve often […]

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What the mouse ate . . . and other weirdnesses

Life’s been a little strange lately, on several fronts. So strange, in fact, that I thought you’d want to know. Front #1: Mouse in Pantry Over the last couple of weeks a mouse, or perhaps a whole herd of mice, has been ravaging my pantry. So far, the mouse has nibbled into 3 bags of coconut […]

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Salt Water Taffy

I’ve been exploring new ports, though I’ve cruised the Caribbean several times. This time I spent more nights at sea and travelled further. The onboard experience doesn’t vary much from cruise line to cruise line. Some of the ports are similar too — at least that’s my opinion — though a few standout as unique. What […]

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