I was born in the Pacific Northwest soon after the creation of the earth.  During the Ice Age I graduated from Washington State University and completed several rites of passage (marriage, kids, divorce, singleness).

My life has evolved over years and places, but it wasn’t until my mid-life Age of Reason that I began to understand that no matter where I live or who I am with or how much I am loved, I will always feel like a misfit.  I used to think there was something wrong with me while I struggled to match my life to the expectations of others.  With the enlightenment of personality testing, I learned there were very few like me in the population and realized I will will always feel like an outsider.

I embarked on a path to embrace my differentness, determined to thrive as a “blue horse in a brown horse world.” Over the decades I have dug deep, unearthing garbage as well as treasure, challenges and aha moments, disappointments, and visions for my next steps. I have owned the fears that guided much of my life, mustered my courage to put them aside, and forged ahead into unknown territories.  I have written my way through the wilderness into what some call wisdom.

I am a memoirist, a documenter of my life truths.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Charleigh

    That you have written your way through the wilderness and arrived at wisdom’s door is journey I, too hope to walk all my life. Thanks for sharing your truths.

  2. Carolyn Croker

    HA!!! If you’re the Blue Horse in the field of Brown Horses, I’m that Purple Spotted Cow munching grass right beside you!! —- — cpc!!!!!


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