Jean Croker Petke

Category: creativity


On some days, on some very ordinary days, I lose my edge. I lose that part of myself that feels vital and alive and excited about the work I’m doing or the art I’m creating or the music I’m making or the conversations I’m having.  Some days there is none of that. Some days I’m […]

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Today’s Birth

In his book, Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet, Matthew Fox writes: To choose life means to choose to give birth every day. I read his words years ago and wrote them in my journal, lest I forget. The pondering begins anew whenever I re-read his words. I focus on two words: choose […]

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Artistic Obsession

Chris Guillebeau says, “Make your art your obsession. Fall in love with it. Experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t give it attention.” Obsession is not necessarily a positive word for us. We think of obsessive-compulsive disorder or obsessions that accompany some mental conditions or obsessions that take over a life, that take a person to the realm […]

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What did you make today?

I borrowed my title from Austin Kleon. He reports that his young son asked him, “What did you make today, Papa?” Austin’s a different kind of creative than I am, but no matter. I think his son asked a question worth pondering. For me this question means more than mere production, more than our cultural  obsession […]

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How do you count?

Friends and acquaintances often remark that I travel a lot — that I’m gone all the time — that I’m never home. I always take issue with their assessment.  I’m actually home a lot, I say.  I’ve been home all week — practicing, writing, reading, doing household chores. With the exception of last month, when […]

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