Jean Croker Petke

Category: mistakes

Stumbling Backwards

A few weeks ago I returned to the church of my young adulthood, the church where my children grew up. I’ve been gone for more than twenty-five years, though I’ve had occasional visits. On this particular Sunday I saw some familiar faces, though everyone had aged more than I expected (way more than I have!).  […]

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Personal Space

I was standing in the checkout line, several feet behind the lady in front of me, perusing the candies and mints and chewing gum. If there’d been a Mounds bar on the rack it would have jumped into my hand. I wasn’t in a hurry — not today. I had wandered the aisles, checking out the seasonal […]

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In Pursuit of Perfection

I am content with my life. I’ve worked hard over several decades to create this life, this existence, that I have. My goal has always been that you — my friends, family, and acquaintances — see me as I am. I gave up pretenses and pretending a long time ago. At the same time I’m always […]

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The Practice of Patience

My piano practicing fills several hours most days. For all of my piano years I believed that if I played the same music and the same notes enough times it would become perfect. Though most of the piece improved I continued to stumble in the same places, day after day, week after week. It just needs more time I […]

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How do you count?

Friends and acquaintances often remark that I travel a lot — that I’m gone all the time — that I’m never home. I always take issue with their assessment.  I’m actually home a lot, I say.  I’ve been home all week — practicing, writing, reading, doing household chores. With the exception of last month, when […]

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