Jean Croker Petke

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Letters for Leyton

Since January I’ve been compiling my parents’ courtship letters, written from 1936 – 1939. Though there are over 300 letters, I approached it as a simple, but large, typing job. My goal was to complete the project by the end of the year. Plenty of time. Not far into the typing I discovered a need to document the people […]

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Word Games

Recently I spent a few days at the beach with my long-time women friends.  Our shared history spans more than forty years. Most evenings we play games: Five Crowns, Mexican Train, Sequence, Catch Phrase, Codenames and Quixx. A favorite of ours is Five Crowns, a card game of 11 rounds, with trump cards changing every round.  […]

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Letters and More Letters

Back in the day, I wrote letters to my parents while I was away at camp or college or summer jobs and after I was married. I discovered a few years ago that Mother saved many of my letters.  The letters were filled with details of things I had long since forgotten — providing valuable information […]

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A Query for Mr. Webster

We’re an irregular pair, Charlie and I.  She’s younger, I’m older. She’s an artist, I’m an accountant (not exactly, but I could be). She loves improv, I create spreadsheets.  She pursues convoluted paths; I search for the most efficient route between Point A and Point B.  She’s a painstakingly meticulous writer, studying her craft before putting words […]

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Word Play

I love words – and I admire people who have a large vocabulary. In our weekly Scrabble game I am amazed at the word-knowledge one woman has – and she always knows the definitions. I also notice unfamiliar words or unusual usage in the books I read — some of them are noted on my […]

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