Jean Croker Petke

Celebration Time

Celebration Time




Welcome to my new site!!



All the pieces and parts of the original site are still here, though they’ve been relocated and organized to make things easier for you, my readers:

  • The current blog and last three posts are on the home page.
  • “Phrases I Love”, “Words, Words, and More Words!”, and “Quotes for Pondering” now have their own boxes, just below the posts.
  • The “Book List” is located in the footer.
  • While you can always search for specific posts by subject or key word, they are now organized into four categories: writing, music, books, and practices (change, creativity, do the work, mistakes, persistence, and show up).

I hope you enjoy my site. Please share it with your friends. By joining my mailing list, my blog will show up in your email every Tuesday morning.

Here’s a little background on how the changes came about.

I’ve been writing this blog since March 2014 — that’s over three years with a new post every week. When I began this adventure, I had no idea I would last this long or write this much. Miracles do happen!

My original site, which I created myself, served me well for those years. Early in 2017, I decided it was time for an upgrade, but I lacked, nor did I want, the technical knowledge to revise my site.

Changing things up every once in a while is good for one’s perspective and vision and ponderings.

Life was good — but perhaps it could be better.

In a casual conversation with a close friend, she said her son-in-law is a professional web designer. I already knew he was a professional photographer, and I’d planned to engage him for the new photos I needed, but I had no idea he could do everything I envisioned for my site. I felt like I’d won the lottery without even buying a ticket.

So Gary became my go-to guy. At our first meeting we explored my site and discussed my vision for the upgrade. He shared ideas of what was possible and the services he could offer. Later, he sent the projected cost, I agreed and mailed him the deposit, and we were off and running.

At our second meeting, Gary came with specific options for me to consider. We discussed them in detail and within the hour he knew what I wanted, what would work for me, and how I envisioned my readers using my site. I was surprised at how closely his options matched what I had in mind.

We continued to work well together for the next few months. We only met four times, exchanged very few emails, and all the work got done. I won’t bore you with the details, but here is my version of why we worked so well together:

  • I had thought about a new site for several months. I knew what I did and didn’t want, even though I was unaware of all the possibilities. I made a list of my must-haves.
  • Gary listened to what I said. He “got” me and my vision. He didn’t try to sell me bells and whistles and “nice but not necessary” things to jazz up the site of a plain, no-frills writer.
  • At the end of each meeting we clarified our to-do lists. And, we were accountable to each other for our progress on these items.

It was quite simple. I had a vision, we made a plan, we each did our work, and the new site happened.


Until next Tuesday . . .