Jean Croker Petke

How do they do this?

How do they do this?

There’s a large concrete building on my regular travel route. Through the large windows I can see bright yellow roll-up doors for separate storage units. I’ve never seen a single person in or near the building.

The outside signage says, “Climate Storage.”

Really? They’re storing climate in there? How do they do that?

They either have lots of different climates in there or they have multiple rooms of the same climate. Such things are not clear from the outside.

But why?

Do they let some climate out every once in awhile, when they’re tired of the current climate? If the summer is getting too hot, do they open the doors and let out some grey clouds, some wind, some rain to cool things down a bit? I know climate and weather are not the same thing, but they are related.

Are people trucking in climate from other parts of the globe, in case we need it here, or to safeguard against permanent loss of some endangered climates? Now I’m wondering how  a person would transport a climate to another location?

Who’s in charge of all this climate storage? Do they have credentials — if so, what kind? Who decides what should be stored and what should be let out? Do they accept all climates — or are some rejected?

What if there’s a catastrophe of some kind, like an earthquake or a tornado? Something that shatters the windows and loosens the doors? What happens if all the climates are released together in one moment? While the building looks solid enough, how secure is it in the face of disaster?

I don’t know whether to be worried that I live close to such a building — or be grateful that climate is being safeguarded.

I wonder what the McDonald’s people, right across the street, wonder or know about this building and what happens inside.

I’m thinking about calling “Climate Storage” and asking a few questions. I wonder if anyone will answer the phone — or if I’ll just hear deafening thunder.

Until next Tuesday . . .

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  • Pam Redman -

    Hilarious & logic-defying ! Who decided that THIS would be a good financially viable business move? I bet the insurance premiums for said business are (quite literally) through the roof! Can’t wait till they feature this business on the next episode of “storage wars.” I won’t be bidding on the contents….

  • Deinya Mautz -

    In a state with essentially no basements in most homes, there’s a lot of climate being stored. Used to go to the basement in stormy or very hot weather, but no more. Now I’ll know where to go just in case the AC stops.

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