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Let’s Party!

Let’s Party!

It all began on March 1, 2014. This blog — that’s what began on that day five years ago. I started the blog and developed my site because I had become convinced that, as a writer, I needed a platform.

I methodically used Christina Katz’s book Get Known before the Book Deal. Though her questions and considerations at the end of each chapter were challenging, I found her guidance helpful. I filled a notebook with my answers.

By the time I finished I knew my platform. Of all the things I know and can do, the one thing I continually focus on is improving my life, my skills, and my practices. Katz’s process clarified what I am about. Without her, that wouldn’t have happened. And in five years I’ve had no reason to change it. My platform’s as true today as when I began.

Getting Better
Show up. Do your work. Claim your life.

My next step was to develop my site — an even bigger challenge since I’m no techie. I accomplished what seemed to be the impossible, with the help of online resources and bloggers who offered tips. After three years, though the site worked well, I decided to upgrade by hiring a pro.

These five years have passed quickly. Every week I write 500 words or so, schedule the posting time, it magically appears in your email on Tuesday morning, or you catch it on FaceBook. (If you don’t receive my posts by email and would like to, just join my mailing list.)

I’m amazed that I’ve posted every week for five years — that’s 260 posts, with only one exception when I was sidelined with the flu. Last week’s post, Basketball Rules, was the most read of any post I’ve written. That in itself is cause for celebration. Thanks always for reading and sharing and commenting. Without you, my words fall into a black hole in the cyber universe.

March is also my birthday month. I’m a bit bewildered every year when my birthday rolls around, always before I’m ready. The years pass too quickly. I’m a new age before I’ve gotten used to my last age. And I’m not sure how I got to be this old. It must have happened while I was busy doing other things, like family and work and children and housekeeping and music and writing and stuff not worthy of mention.

With every new age my sense of urgency increases. I used to assume I had plenty of time to accomplish dreams and projects. But now, there’s more time behind me than there can possibly be in front of me. I need to step up my pace, move a little quicker, say no to more things that don’t get me where I want to go.

All of this is to say “I hope you’ll party this month — to celebrate our acquaintance through this blog, to celebrate our Tuesday time together, to put a candle in some chocolate cake because it’s my birthday (that’s what I’m going to do), and to open the door on year six.”

Until next Tuesday . . .

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  • Vicki Eighmey -

    Happy Birhday Jean. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, it’s very real and witty.
    Thank you and I miss you, love Vicki

  • Vicky Hatfield -

    Happy birthday and anniversary this March! I read your blog every week and always look to Tuesdays! It’s been great to get to know you better. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!

  • Sandra Powell Emond -

    Happy Birthday, Jean. I always look forward to reading your blog, and I am so glad we have become acquainted!


    Happy Birthday Jean! Hope this upcoming year is filled to the brim with blessings for you! I always look forward to reading your words of wisdom! ~Gloria

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