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Life changes

Life changes

When I came back from my last trip I felt like I needed a new life. Travel causes us to see differently, which is a good thing. I wondered if I needed to change my focus, my activities, or realign my priorities. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar.

I didn’t really consciously change anything. However, other events required adjustments: the doc said I had to lose weight, the eye doc said the condition in one eye can’t be fixed, another doc required multiple tests to monitor my sleep patterns. I feel like an old person who just goes from one medical appointment to another. It’s a schedule I don’t really like or want to continue, but if I must, I must.

I want life to rock along without major disruptions, adjustments or changes. But alas, that is not to be. I’m not kicking and screaming about such things, just trying to adjust to a different normal.

Like Joshua Becker says, get rid of those things/practices/habits that detract or distract you from the life you want. Or like Michelangelo said when beginning a new sculpture:

In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.

So I’m looking at what consumes my time and energy, fills my space, and steals my creativity. How do I really want to use my time and energy for maximum benefit? What options are available for eliminating chores and the things that burden me?

Because I live alone, there’s no delegating/sharing of household chores with someone else. My main options are to do it myself or hire someone.

  • I can plant my own flowers or hire the landscaper to do it.
  • I can clean my own house or hire a housekeeper.
  • I can go to the grocery myself or order groceries for delivery or pickup.
  • I can iron my clothes or use my dryer to reduce wrinkles.
  • I can plan all the travel details or use a travel agent to make arrangements and reservations.
  • I can search local stores for gifts or order online.
  • I can drive 500 miles or ride the train.

Choice — it’s all about choice.

The thing only I can do is to change habits that create clutter, disarray, chaos, and untidyness in my life — such habits that use unnecessary time and energy searching for things or putting them away or finding a place for them. No one else can do this for me.

My habits.

My responsibility.

My power to change.

I often hear people say they want their life to be like it used to be — simpler, easier, less complicated.

I want my life to be the best it can be today, right now, in these circumstances. It doesn’t matter how it used to be. What matters is now.

Time to show up and do the work.

Time to claim my life.

How about you?


Until next Tuesday . . .


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  • Deinya Mautz -

    Hire monthly house cleaning for sure! You can plant your flower while they clean-much more satisfying than scrubbing the kitchen floor.

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