Jean Croker Petke



First, let me report, that road kill at my house has been avoided. Though I’m not moving like Japan’s bullet train, all wheels are on the tracks and there is movement. I’m not trying for speed, just forward motion, which is indeed happening.

This week I want to share with you a phenomenon for which I have no explanation.

I’ve had a persistent cough for several months. Early on I was told it’s allergies though no allergy tests were administered, Nothing seems to work: cough drops, nighttime and daytime cough syrups, antihistamines, and decongestants. My sinuses and lungs were x-rayed, with no definitive results.

After contacting my doctor, he gave me a prescription for cough syrup with codeine. The pharmacist warned me not to drive while taking this medication. Since I had to drive several times that day, I didn’t rush to take it. In fact, I didn’t take it at all.

I put the bottle on the kitchen counter, so I would remember I could take it as needed. But alas, most of the cough disappeared that day. Operative word being “most”. I didn’t cough much that night either.

Sunday I took the bottle to church in my purse. You see, only two weeks ago I had to leave church because I was coughing so much. That morning I discovered hot coffee was a momentary cure for the coughing spasms. So this Sunday, I was prepared: coffee in a travel mug and cough syrup in my purse.

I had a couple little coughs, but nothing requiring a drink or a cough drop, let alone the orange cough syrup. I sat through the entire service without disrupting anyone with my coughing.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • the bottle contains some kind of magical potion
  • to be effective, the bottle and I need to be in close proximity
  • perhaps my cough has finally run its course, which happened to coincide with my prescription purchase
  • I’m not assuming I’m cured, though I’m much improved. I can be patient a little longer.

In a couple weeks, I will report to my doctor. He’s not going to believe this story, even though it’s true. Had he or you told me ahead of time how things would work out, I would have said, “Such magical thinking is crazy.”

And yet it appears some kind of magic is happening.

Maybe magic does really happen.

Until next Tuesday . . .