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The Limbo Circle

The Limbo Circle

The time is strange:  I’m living between learning there is a growth on my optic nerve that destroyed vision and the possibility the growth may be removed surgically.

I’ll know more tomorrow when I see the doc. But in the meantime, I just don’t know what will happen, what lies ahead for me, or if my current situation is my new normal.

I can’t change the course of events. At least I don’t think so.

But limbo time is hard:

  • I hesitate to commit to things I may not be able to accomplish.
  • I want to keep some of my time free. Some days are better than others.
  • My brain ponders things too much.

Sometimes, in a trying situation, we find out who belongs to our tribe. For me, it’s good to know ahead of time who those people are.

I have gathered my people — those who love and support me no matter what. They listen to my concerns, my fears, my irrationalities — and they assure me that everything will be all right. And most importantly, they remind me they are here for me, for whatever I need. We shared laughter at my cantaloupe story. Humor is a good thing in challenging times.

It’s like being surrounded by a warm fuzzy circle. reminding me that I am loved and cared for. It’s not about me being in the center of the circle, but being part of the circle. We are in it together. Our arms reach out to hold each other and to make the circle strong. We all are stronger for having circled with others. Physical strength is palpable when another’s arm reaches across my back and holds my shoulder or my waist.

To circle, perchance to dance, to laugh, to celebrate til our rejoicing reaches the rafters, perhaps even the heavens.

Listen for us, in your own silence. You just might hear us.


Until next Tuesday . . .

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