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Where’s Your Whimsy?

Where’s Your Whimsy?

I am not known for my spontaneity. My friends joke that I schedule spontaneity for Tuesdays at 1:49! They are not far off the mark. Last weekend I made a quick trip to see The Boy (four-year-old grandson) because I just needed to be with him.

We all spent Saturday afternoon at Joseph-Beth Booksellers — our favorite bookstore in all the world. I am happy just being in that space, roaming around the main floor, checking out the café, the gift section, clothing, magazines, best sellers, games and puzzles and so much more. I even look at the books and often buy a few. The lower floor is just for kids. Besides the books there are games, toys, clothes and much more that I didn’t scope out.

Our family got separated in our wanderings and roamings at Joseph-Beth. When I finished my solo perusing, I peered over the railing to the kids area below.  They were all in the far corner — enjoying the children’s story time.

While I waited for story time to end, I found animals of all sizes, stripes and colors, everywhere I looked. The children’s floor was nearly like a zoo, filled with awesome animals.


That’s when I found her. Miss Peacock. Elegant and glitzy with attitude. She had it going on right there next to the elephant and the cow. She brought a smile to my face — a smile that had been absent for several days. 

I could almost hear her say,

  • This barnyard? Pay no attention. I’m just visiting.
  • Come and hang out. I’ll introduce you to my friends.
  • We could chat over tea; get to know one another.
  • Hold your head up. Put a smile on your face. You are worthy to be on this planet.

I was tempted to bring her home, but she was expensive and I didn’t know where I would put her. I want her around to remind me that a little attitude is o.k., that a little bling brings class to every girl, and that I am beautiful because I exist. 

And I want her around to remind me that I shouldn’t judge others by their momentary circumstance, that I should be open to meeting people in unexpected places, and that I need to remember that everyone is beautiful in their unique way. 

I didn’t bring her home, but I have her photo on my phone. She is with me all the time now — in my pocket, in my purse, in my car, on my travels. I’ll make her my wallpaper so she effortlessly pops into my life.

The bookstore peacock reminded me that I need a little whimsy in my life. I’ve been too serious lately, but seriousness needs to be tempered with humor and laughter and yes, a bit of whimsy.

And, of course, I have questions for you:

  • where’s the whimsy in your life?
  • what brings an instant smile to your face?
  • how will you find it when life gets too serious?

Until next Tuesday . . .


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  • Melanie Baker -

    Hi Jean! She would have made me smile too. The Peanuts, especially Snoopy, always make me smile. I have a picture of Charlie Brown and Snoopy on my refrigerator. I might have to watch one of their DVD’s on this snow day.

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